Site closure

  • Woodhouse will be closed if the fire danger rating is Catastrophic. 
  • Closing the site will also be considered when the rating is Extreme or Woodhouse Manager considers the conditions are too hazardous or has advice stating that site closure is mandatory. 
  • All bookings for the day of catastrophic danger will be notified that the site is closed and subsequently cancelled.
  • Any guests staying on site during any period of a catastrophic day will be required to vacate the site once the warning has been issued. Woodhouse staff can assist with the evacuation via Flagstaff Coaches should it be required. Evacuation is required before the day commences (0000 hrs) or in worst case scenario early morning the day of.
  • Woodhouse Manager is to liaise with CEO and Marketing Manager to advise the public via marketing channels and social media that the site will close for the following day.

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