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Visitor & Guest Information


If you run into any trouble during your visit or stay, phone 8339 3333 for assistance. The office is staffed 9am-5pm 7 days a week, with a Caretaker on call outside of hours, with qualified First Aid assistance at the ready. 

Woodhouse Adventure Park is open from 9am to 5pm 365 days a year! This includes public holidays including Christmas Day.

The only time we close is if there is a safety concern, for example days of declared catastrophic fire danger.

We love our fur babies too, but respect that others may not and that allergies are common. Please leave pets at home for their safety, the safety of other people and our prolific wildlife (koalas are regularly spotted on the ground moving between trees). 

Naturally guide dogs and accredited assistance or service dogs are welcome and their public access rights are protected under Federal Law via the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. As outlined by in the DDA, these dogs might help with physical conditions (like vision impairment, mobility and dexterity issues, or alert their owner of an oncoming seizure), or psychosocial difficulties (such as trauma, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or panic). Assistance Dogs have been trained to meet a very high standard of behaviour and hygiene, with accreditation renewed annually after passing stringent assessment by accredited organisations.

Unfortunately we are unable to welcome Emotional Support Dogs, which are not recognised by law and do not have the same level of training or public access rights.

You are going to be active in the great outdoors!

  • Strong enclosed footwear is ESSENTIAL!! Thongs/flip-flops, sandals and crocs are not suitable. Please ensure everyone in your party understands this to avoid disappointment.
  • We recommend sun-smart clothing including a hat (don't forget the sunscreen!). 
  • Long pants are a good idea and best suited to most activities.
  • As jewellery around the neck, wrists and fingers have potential to get caught on some activities, we suggest leaving them at home or in a safe place.
  • A full change of clothes (including shoes) is recommended for those likely to end up in Cox's Creek.
  • Don't wear anything you'd be worried about getting dirty or damaged.


The Tube Slide operates as a bonus for all visitors to Woodhouse on weekends and public holidays (excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday) and always subject to safe weather conditions.

Closed on weekdays even during school holidays.

Running times:

Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: 10am - 3pm (until 4pm on long weekends)
Public Holidays (excluding Good Friday and Christmas Day): 10am - 3pm

Mid-week during school term the Tube Slide is used for school camps and excursions, and mid-week during the school holidays it’s booked for OSHC (Out of School Hours Care) programs, not-for-profit community youth programs and for our own facilitated ‘drop & go’ UNPLUGGED school holiday program. Child protection protocols mean these groups, which often have vulnerable children, must have a private booking.

Should you visit us during the week, you'll find HEAPS of other activities to keep you screen-free and entertained for the day. All our other activities like Challenge Hill obstacle course, Disc Golf, The Labyrinth split-level maze, outdoor bouldering and Orienteering are self-guided and accessed at your leisure – these are available all day every day!

Closed footwear is essential.

Read more about the Tube Slide here.

Our site offers fun for the whole family and while small children are welcome (free entry for under fives!) and will still have a great time, kids aged five and over will get the most out of the adventure equipment. If one of the obstacles on Challenge Hill is too difficult simply skip it! If there is a favourite challenge it can be done multiple times! Other favourite activities for smaller children include the split-level maze (The Labyrinth) and the tunnels in the adventure playground. Tube Slide riders must be at least 1 metre tall to ride alone, however a smaller child may go tandem with an adult in one of our big tubes.

  • Children must be supervised at all times. Please be mindful we have creeks on site which could pose a drowning hazard.
  • Enclosed shoes must be worn on the activities (thongs/flip-flops, sandals or crocs are not suitable).
  • Weather (be it extreme heat, wind or rain) may restrict opening times of some of our onsite activities for your safety - especially the Tube Slides. Be sure to click through to each of the activity pages for further details.
  • Visitors and guests must show no signs of alcohol or drug use when using activities and equipment.
  • Activity users must have a level of physical fitness appropriate to the activities undertaken - discretion is advised to determine if this experience is suitable for you.
  • Ensure long hair is tied back and secure.
  • Speed limit is 25kph. Normal road rules apply - stay to the left and keep accesses to buildings clear.
  • Snakes love hiding under rocks or long grass at Woodhouse, particularly in the warmer months. Take appropriate care and wear shoes at all times. Long pants are recommended.
  • On days of declared catastrophic fire danger Woodhouse is closed to all visitors and guests.
  • All staff have First Aid training and there is an automated external defibrillator (AED) at reception (open daily 9am to 5pm, with onsite caretaker available after hours).

Our staff have all been cleared to work with young people and always have safety top of mind! They have the following checks:

  • National Police Check
  • Working With Children Check - South Australian Department of Human Services (DHS)
  • Catholic Education Clearance
  • Senior First Aid
  • Child Safe Environment Training
  • Mandatory Notification Training

If an instruction is given by a Woodhouse team member it is with your safety in mind. Please respect the role they are playing to ensure your ongoing enjoyment and wellbeing.

Yes, outside bushfire danger season a campfire is a much-loved part of a day visit or overnight stay at Woodhouse (generally start of May to mid or end of November.) We have campfire circles and many portable fire drums. You can bring your own wood and marshmallows, or we have campfire essentials available for sale at reception. Please check the campfire page for all the details.



Guests regularly see kangaroos and koalas (sometimes on the ground moving between trees).

If they are happily going about their business please just enjoy and take photos... while giving them plenty of space so they are not scared. Please do not attempt to touch!

If you find an injured animal please alert our staff promptly as we can arrange assessment and care if required by qualified wildlife rescue workers.

If you spot an echidna we would love it if you could please pass on details to our reception as we report sightings to Echidna CSI researchers to improve understanding of these amazing creatures. 

No - Woodhouse is open to EVERYONE! Proudly owned by Scouts SA since 1957, we often refer to Woodhouse as being ‘the cellar door for Scouting’. Woodhouse provides a little taste of the types of activities you would enjoy at Scouts… essentially being screen-free, making awesome new friends, getting outdoors, building resilience and independence, developing leadership skills, and being active!

At certain times of the year mushrooms pop up on our site. We make no representation as to the safety of these and advise against harvesting for consumption. We are a child-centred organisation and while you may feel you are experienced and skilled enough to know what mushrooms are safe, harvesting mushrooms may encourage children to follow your example. Please understand that child protection is our top priority at Woodhouse and every person on the site must be checked in for this reason, as well as insurance purposes. If we see people deemed to be acting suspiciously or evasively then they can expect to be approached by Woodhouse staff, and the police called if a reasonable explanation is not provided.

For child protection reasons and for the enjoyment/privacy of all guests we generally do not allow drones although exceptions can be negotiated with management for specific purposes where permission is given by subjects and there is no impact on other park users (e.g. wedding photography or media production).

The Fire Danger Season for the Mt Lofty Ranges generally falls over the period commencing in November and concluding in May of each year, during which time Woodhouse has a TOTAL FIRE BAN. These dates change each year, please check the CFS website for further information. Total Fire Ban days may fall outside the fire season and the fire response plan applies on these days. 

Our number one priority is the safety of our guests. While Woodhouse has multiple open areas free from heavy fuel loads, due to the enthusiasm and diligence of our staff, further care is taken to prepare the site and staff prior to and throughout each Fire Danger Season. 

These extracts from the Bushfire Action Plan (BAP) provide information on matters likely to be of most concern when planning a visit or stay at Woodhouse during the fire danger period. Camp organisers can obtain copies of the full plan from Woodhouse if required.

During the Fire Danger Season, it is our policy that

  • All fires, smoking and hot works are strictly prohibited. Even though legally a fire for comfort or cooking may be allowed, we choose to implement this policy on our private property - similar to National Parks and state forests.
  • Gas BBQs may be used in undercover Basecamps only.
  • Woodhouse will be closed if the fire danger rating is Catastrophic. 
  • Closing the site will also be considered when the rating is Extreme or Woodhouse Manager considers the conditions are too hazardous or has advice stating that site closure is mandatory. 
  • All bookings for the day of catastrophic danger will be notified that the site is closed and subsequently cancelled.
  • Any guests staying on site during any period of a catastrophic day will be required to vacate the site once the warning has been issued. Woodhouse staff can assist with the evacuation using a coach company should it be required. Evacuation is required before the day commences (0000 hrs) or in worst case scenario early morning the day of.

As a family-friendly site dedicated to the development of young people, we consider ourselves a non-smoking and non-vaping site where we set a healthy example.

Smoking or vaping is prohibited around others and in view of young people.

Further seasonal restrictions apply during bushfire danger season where if you absolutely must smoke, this must be done away from vegetation and over cement/concrete/bitumen/paving, and with butts disposed of safely.

 Yes, there is a sealed road around the 54-hectare property connecting all the activities and facilities, which is completely accessible by car. You’ll find car parks near each activity. Please observe the 25 km/h speed limit. You are also welcome to leave your car near reception and walk if you prefer.

Yes, our guests are welcome to bring alcoholic beverages on picnics and overnight stays. Guests and visitors must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when using our adventure equipment and activities. Please be mindful we are a youth-centred organisation and adults are expected to set a great example while on site. Please drink responsibly, dispose of bottles/cans thoughtfully (recycling bins are provided) and confine drinking to your campsite, picnic areas, or accommodation building - i.e. away from activity areas.

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