Tube Slide operates weekends and most public holidays. For safety reasons operation is subject to weather, and enclosed footwear is essential.

Tube Slide

Open weekends and public holidays (excluding Good Friday and Christmas Day). Closed on weekdays even during school holidays. 

The Tube Slide operates subject to safe weather conditions and is unable to run on the following days:

  • Predicted rainfall in Piccadilly is greater than 5mm and 50% chance of rain.
  • Temperature is forecast 35 degrees or more in Piccadilly - for the safety of guests, staff and equipment... plus they're too slow if the slide is too hot!

Get the latest weather forecast here 


As the only Tube Slide run in South Australia, Tube Sliding at Woodhouse has fast become one of the most popular attractions at the Activity Centre.

Think of a water-less water slide or a snow-free ski run where you slide down 100m+ synthetic slopes in big rubber rings that turn, accelerate, go up in bends and stop on their own.

It’s fast, furious and fabulously fun!



Unlimited use of Tube Slides is included in your weekend...

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Unlike Challenge Hill, Disc Golf, The Labyrinth and Orienteering which can be self-guided and accessed at your leisure, the Tube Slides require up to 4 staff to supervise, launch and generally keep everyone safe while riding.

In order for us to keep our fees at a price point that everyone can afford, at this stage, the Tube Slides are only offered as an inclusion on weekends (even during the school holidays). Should you visit us during the week, you'll find HEAPS of other activities to keep you screen-free and entertained for the day.

Outside of the standard operating hours, the Tube Slides may be pre-booked for large private groups (additional fees apply) such as school camps, school excursions and team building. Many of our facilitated School Holiday Day Camps for 5-12 year olds have them included in the program too!

For the safety of our riders, the Tube Slide will not operate in certain weather conditions, determined by 5pm the day prior. The Tube Slide will be closed on the following days:

  • Predicted rainfall in Piccadilly is greater than 5mm and 50% chance of rain.
  • Temperature is forecast 35 degrees or more in Piccadilly.  

Get the latest weather forecast here 

Outside of these conditions, the slides will be open (staffed), but may not run if staff deem the conditions to be unsafe.

Phone 8339 3333 from 9am on the day to check on current weather conditions in Piccadilly.

You must be at least 1 metre tall to ride alone, however an adult may accompany a smaller child in a Maxi-Tube. Maximum combined or single weight of 130kg.


COVID-SAFE: The risk of COVID-19 transmission from outdoor parks, playgrounds and equipment is low and can be managed by following social distancing and hygiene precautions. Woodhouse staff will disinfect the Tubes after each use, however we recommend that you sanitise or wash hands regularly.

While we are limiting the number of visitors on site at any one time, we also ask that if you can see there are too many people to be able to social distance, please move on to another activity and come back later. It’s important for us to keep up the social distancing and hygiene practises that have kept our COVID-19 cases low in South Australia. 

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