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Proudly owned and operated by Scouts SA since 1957, Woodhouse Adventure Park in the Adelaide Hills (South Australia) is part of the worldwide Scouting youth movement with more than 50 million members.

Together with Roonka River Adventure Park (Riverland) and Camp Nyroca (Eyre Peninsula), Woodhouse is part of the Scouts SA Camps & Adventure Parks portfolio - a group of properties specialising in group accommodation and outdoor adventure. Our sister business units within Scouts SA are Scout Recycling Centre and Exurbia.


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Whether you're undertaking outdoor adventure activities with the family on the weekend, coming on school camp, participating in our school holiday day camps or even hosting your child's birthday party, everything is designed to give you a little taste Scouting.

Fun, challenge, adventure and lifelong friendships await young people and adults who join Scouts. Learning life skills, building resilience, growing in self-confidence and gaining valuable leadership and team skills are all part of the program. Scouts SA provides fun youth development activities, building resilient and confident young people aged five to 25. Youth sections are available for the following age groups:

  • Joey Scouts - ages 5-8
  • Cub Scouts - ages 8-11
  • Scouts - ages 11-15
  • Venturer Scouts - ages 15-17
  • Rover Scouts - ages 18-25


Exurbia is not only the State’s official Scout uniform and accessories supplier, but is synonymous with great brands, great advice and amazing service for everything from lightweight backpacking to adventure activity equipment.

What’s more, there’s every chance that the person who’s helping you select your gear has already walked your path and knows exactly what you’ll need. That’s because the staff at Exurbia not only love what they do – they’re into the outdoors and the world in a big way. 

Exurbia Make Your Escape



HELP THE PLANET - Scout Recycling gives you a practical way of keeping recyclable rubbish out of landfill. The planet AND Scouts will thank you.

HELP YOURSELF - Scouts will pay you cash for your deposit bottles and cans... and scrap metal too! But we’ll also take your cardboard, newspaper and non-deposit containers because we really don’t want it to go to landfill. 

HELP SCOUTS - Even after we have paid you for it, Scouts has ways of making a dollar from your recyclable waste products! The money we make goes back into the community to help build local Scout Halls and run our youth development programs.

Put all that together and you have a WIN, WIN, WIN!

Visit Scout Centre Recycling to find your closest depot see what items are accepted. 


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