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Outdoor Laser Skirmish

Arguably the coolest outdoor Laser Skirmish environment in Adelaide.

All the thrill and excitement of paintball without the pain - and the mess - of paint balls! The gaming guns fire a harmless infra-red beam and are self-contained with light-weight head sensors that are attached to the player. There are no vests necessary, making it much easier to move around and increasing the adrenalin rush. 

Laser Skirmish at Woodhouse is:

  • Team oriented: Working as a team to achieve a common goal, it’s a great way to strengthen existing bonds or build new friendships.
  • Easy: Expert instruction and ongoing supervision provided to the group so you'll pick up the sport in no time!

  • Clean: There are no physical projectiles or paint.
  • Safe: It’s non-contact and played in a controlled environment, so there is little risk of injury.

Ultimate fun for ages 8+, 1.5 hour sessions are popular additions to Woodhouse:

Kid’s Party  |  School Camp  |  School Holidays UNPLUGGED  |  School Excursions  | Conference/Team Building

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