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Guide to layering for warmth

Ask anyone who’s spent time in the Adelaide Hills during winter, and they’ll tell you it can get pretty chilly! 

However, with swirling fog in the valleys, rain drops glistening in the trees, and the crunch of frost on the grass in the morning, we think winter is one of the most beautiful times of year at Woodhouse. 

Don’t let cold feet keep you away – check out our guide on layering for warmth this winter...  

Layers, like all good things, come in threes. Each one plays a unique role, and can be added or removed as necessary to keep you at a comfortable temperature all day long.

Start with a base layer of something thin, like merino wool thermals or leggings and a long-sleeved shirt. As you tackle Challenge Hill or race up and down the Tube Slide hills, your base layer will wick away the sweat from your skin, keeping you warm and dry throughout the day’s activities.
Next, cosy up with a mid-layer. Think of this like a wet-suit, which traps water around your body to be heated by your core temperature. Grab a jumper to achieve the same effect on-land, trapping air for your body to heat up for you! Our favourites are a polar fleece jumper or a puffy down jacket. This is also the perfect time to add all the extras – a beanie, gloves, and a thick pair of socks.
Finally, finish off with an outer layer to protect yourself from the elements – trust us, you’ll need it! Use a soft-shell jacket to keep out the wind, or a rain coat to keep out drizzles and downpours all day long.
(this one only someone who really knows what they're talking about would tell you)... Don’t forget to layer up on the legs. You’ll be surprised how much warmth an extra pair of pants will add to your overall temperature!


Did you know...? You can get all this gear and everything you need for your next adventure at Exurbia (also part of the Scouts SA family). Tell them Woodhouse sent you!


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